Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease!

The medical definition of heart disease is any disorder that affects the heart. Generally the term “heart disease” is employed narrowly and incorrectly as an equivalent word for coronary artery disease. Heart unwellness is substitutable with cardiac disease however not with cardiovascular disease that is any disease of the heart or blood vessels.

Heart Disease
Heart Disease

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease?

Signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease rely on that condition you have got and include chest, jaw, back, or arm pain, significantly on the left side, fainting, associated an irregular heartbeat.

What Causes Heart Disease?

Coronary cardiovascular disease is caused by any downside with the coronary arteries that keep the heart from getting enough oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. Atherosclerosis is that the commonest cause of heart disease. Anemia is that the lack of sufficient blood so coronary cardiovascular disease is usually known as ischemic cardiovascular disease.

What are the Danger Factors for Heart Disease?

Multiple risk factors that cause coronary cardiovascular disease is related to multiple risk factors. the foremost common are heredity, high cholesterol and triglycerides, diseases like diabetes, lack of exercise, and a high-fat diet.

Heart Disease
Heart Disease

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What are the Kinds of Heart Disease?

There are many sorts of heart disease, for instance, angina, arrhythmia, congenital cardiovascular disease, arteria unwellness (CAD), dilated heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, mitral regurgitation, mitral valve prolapse, and stricture.

Treatment for Heart Disease
Treatment for Heart Disease

What is the Treatment for Heart Disease?

The treatment for cardiovascular disease depends on the cause. Some conditions are also treated with diet, drugs, procedures, and surgery. The life for someone with cardiovascular disease depends on the cause. Some are fatal.

Homeopathic Treatment

REPL Dr. Advice™ No.1 (GOLDEN DROPS)

The medicine comes into play in all disease where the heart is primarily involved weakness and dilatation of the myocardium. Its greatest indication is in the failure of compensation and especially when articular fibrillation is set in. Stimulate the heart muscle, increase force of systole, increases length Prostration from slight exertion, controls high blood pressure.

REPL Dr. Advice™ NO. 2 (ANGOVIT)

A heart pain reflex to arm and finger may convert to an ischaemic heart problem. Poor blood supply to Heart muscles Narrow of the vessel lumen.

REPL Dr. Advice™ NO. 175 (DYSPONE-CIN)

DYSPONE-CIN Get the best medicine for Shortness of breath, Difficult breathing Heart or lung complication,  intense tightening in the chest or feeling of suffocation.

Dr. Advice™ NO. 193 (PNEUMONIACIN)

PNEUMONIACIN Get the best medicine for cough, fever, shaking chills, increased breathing rate,

Dr. Advice™ NO. 207 (EMPHYSEMAA)

Emphysema gets the best homeopathic medicine for difficult & short breathing, (smoking is its leading cause). It gradually damages the air sacs (alveoli)  in the lungs.

Dr. Advice™ NO. 215 (PALPIT-GONE)

Best homeopathic medicine for Heart Palpitation, Irregular, hard or rapid heartbeat, anxiety, stress,  chest pain or fainting, shortness of breath, sweating, and nausea.

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