Homeopathic Medicine for Stomach Problem!

1. Gastritis

The inflammation of gastric mucosa is known as gastritis. The inflammation may be only superficial research suggest that gastritis often is caused by chronic bacterial infection of the gastric mucosa. The condition can be successfully treated by the homeopathic medicine REPL Dr. Advice No. 7 Acidity drug.

2. Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a disease in which extensive areas of the wall large intensive becomes inflamed & ulcerative. The homeopathic remedy which belongs to works Dr. Advice No. 28 excellently in the same conditions.

3. Constipation

Constipation means the slow movement of feces through large intestine it is often associated with a large quality of feces in the descending colon The Homoeopathic remedy which belongs to REPL Pharmaceutical Company Dr. Advice No. 29 works excellently in the same conditions.

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4. Anorexia

Symptoms of anorexia are loss of appetite, general weakness poor digestion & constipation. The Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Company REPL gives Dr. Advice No. 14 for the same condition.

5. Appendicitis

Acute inflammation of the vestigial human digestive organ appendix is known as appendicitis the most common symptom is acute pain with vomiting and fiver. The Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Company REPL makes a good product for appendicitis that works Dr. Advice No. 6 excellently in the same conditions.

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