How to take care of skin this winter?

Skin problems start to occur as soon as the winter season knocks. Learn in this article how to improve skin in winter and how to take care of skin during this winter season. It is common to cause skin problems as soon as the winter season knocks. In this season, due to lack of temperature in the atmosphere and strong winds, almost everyone has to face problems like dryness, dryness and skin rash.

Follow some easy and effective tips to protect the skin from the havoc of cold winds. By regular use of these remedies, the skin can be maintained as soft as before. Know about these measures in detail-

Winter Skin Care Tips –

winter skin problem
Winter Skin Problem

In winter, the skin of the face is the most open, so always apply cream or moisturizer on it. Even if the skin is oily, only use mild face wash. Scrub the skin and apply sunscreen afterward.
Use mild soap while bathing. The use of harsh soaps causes the skin to dry and crack.

Bathing with cold water is more beneficial in the winter season. This not only reduces the feeling of cold but can also be avoided to a great extent from the outbreak of cold. If you are unable to use cold water for bathing, then only take lukewarm water, too much hot water causes damage to the skin, and bathing with hot water also causes more cold throughout the day.

After bathing, use cold cream and moisturizer on the skin. This keeps the skin moist and the skin can be protected from cold and dry air to some extent.
Apply a face pack of banana and papaya, this will keep the skin tight and your face will also glow.

Skin Moisturizer
Skin Moisturizer

Do not sit in direct sunlight during sunlight because the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun can aggravate skin problems, so it is better to use sunblock cream on the skin before sitting in the sun.

If your skin is drier, then massage the almond or olive oil on the face and other parts before sleeping at night. Drinking a good amount of water in winter also keeps the moisture in the lips intact.

Also, use lip balm and petroleum jelly. Make as much distance as possible from the lipstick as it dries the lips. If you want, you can sleep at night with ghee or butter.

If your lips have been torn along with your face, then at night, before bedtime, mix one drop of rose water and lemon juice and massage it on the face and lips. It will also improve your skin.

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Skin Care
Skin Care

Make an egg yolk by mixing it with orange juice, olive oil, lemon juice, and rose water, apply it on the face for 15 minutes before bathing in the morning, then wash it with lukewarm water so that you can keep it in your skin even during winter. Can get glow

Massage the skin regularly with coconut oil. This allows blood to flow properly in the body and the skin becomes soft and shiny.

Soak moong and lentil and grind it and mix it and apply this paste on the skin a little before bathing two or three days a week. By this, the skin will remain soft, the skin will also be healthy. Gram flour can also be used.

Everyone has to face the problem of lip-smacking during the winter season. For this, after bathing daily, apply to rub on the lips. By doing this, the lips will remain soft, soft, smooth and pink.

dry skin
Dry Skin

In winter, the sowing of feet is also common. To get rid of the problem of cracks, clean the ankles by rubbing them while bathing and do a regular massage of cold cream or olive oil on the ankles.

If the above natural methods are used for skin-care with massage, boiling and a balanced diet then you can remain beautiful even in winter. Winter winters soak up the oil and moisture of the skin, so take special care of your skin.


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