The Role of Diet In Health & Fitness!

The Role of Diet In Health & Fitness!

The essential of a proper diet is that it should provide for growth and for the replacement of waste that it should furnish the heat and energy required by the body and that it should furnish also a measure of stimulation to metabolism and to the functions of the alimentary duct. An analysis of our common foodstuffs shows that they are made up of certain constituents namely proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and water. Various rules regarding the improvement and maintenance of health by dietetic regulation have been put forth. One’s curiosity is naturally raised to investigate the truth of there much talked of dietetic rules.

A well-balanced food

A well-balanced food should contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, certain salts, water, and vitamins. Proteins are the tissue builders. They are present in all animal foods, like meat, fish, and eggs, and in all pears, beans, pulses, grams, etc. For building up flash protein are indispensable proteins made up of the new tissues? So for the healing up of lesion anywhere protein is needed.

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Fats and Carbohydrates

Fats and carbohydrates give heat and energy to the body. Examples of animal fats are butter, ghee, cod liver, oil, etc. An example of vegetable fats is all vegetable oils like coconut oil, groundnut oil, etc. Animal fats and proteins are more easily digestible than vegetable fats and proteins.

Sauted mixed vegetables food
Sauteed mixed vegetable food

The diet of minerals needed for the maintenance of health is calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. These are directly present in eggs, milk and in most green vegetables. Phosphorus is mostly present in the ladies’ finger and iron in most green leaves. The salt of the minerals is necessary for the building of our tissues. Iron is a necessary constituent of red blood corpuscles, calcium for bones, sodium chloride is a constituent of blood and a source of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice.

Take in as much fluid as possible

Water is highly indispensable for health. Due to the hot climate of our place and especially when we do any physical work, much fluid escape from the body. If the deficiency of water is not compensated, ‘dehydration’ may develop. It because therefore a necessity to take in as much fluid as possible.

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The word ‘Vitamin’ means vital or essential for life

The concept of healthy food
The concept of healthy food


Vit-A is directly present in cod-liver oil, halibut liver oil, butter, and sprouting seeds. Absence of Vitamin-A affected growth, skin trouble and defective vision. Vitamin-A is important for growth in general, Deficiency of this vitamin causes nyctalopia, xerophthalmia, keratomalacia, and hair fall.


It is called B complex as it is not one but is a group of substances of which about 12 have been isolated.


Is contained in the brain, the pericarp of rice, and a deficiency of it causes beriberi. Its deficiency may also give rise to irritability, depression and general failure to stand up to the nervous strain.


Deficiency of this vitamin may develop pellagra, tissue, and cracks on lips, glossitis, stomatitis, and anemia. It is found in milk, eggs and green vegetables.

Food- Vitamins
Food- Vitamins


Is essential for the health of the respiratory organs. The deficiency of this vitamin may cause scurvy. Vitamin-C seems to play an important part in resisting bacterial infection. Vitamin-C is present in lemons, tomato, etc.


Is present in animal fats as butter, cod-liver oil, halibut liver oil, shark liver oil, etc? It helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from foodstuffs and thereby prevents rickets. Useful in the delayed union of a fractured bone, pregnancy, and lactation.


This is called anti sterility vitamin, as its deficiency causes abortion in women and sterility in males. It is found in green vegetables, milk, and wheat germ.


This is useful in the vomiting of pregnancy and headaches. It is found in rice polishing, egg yolk, milk, and butter.


(Nicotinic Acid) deficiency causes pellagra and Meniere’s disease. It is found in green vegetables and milk.


(Folic Acid) deficiency causes defective growth, emaciation, and anemia. It is very essential for the formation of red and white blood corpuscle. It is found in yeast and liver.

Cheerful woman holding a healthy apple icon
Cheerful woman holding a healthy apple icon


(Anti hemorrhage factor) deficiency will cause bleeding and blood will not coagulate. It is found in green vegetables.


This is needed for the treatment of anemia, especially precision anemia, anemia of infant and pregnant women. Also good as a tonic to improve appetite and general stamina. It is found in live.

Article from our REPL Magazine and is written by Dr. Moti Lal Bakshi, D.B.M.S., D.E.H., D.H.M.S, (Medical), Ranchi, (Jharkhand)

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